Property Management
Property Management is an integral part of anyone’s successful investment, especially in countries like Bulgaria.
We are quite rightly proud of our excellent reputation which is the result of good team work, excellent communication and having lots of great clients to look after.

On these pages, you will understand how we can best assist you to ensure all your worries and concerns are taken away. We are continually improving our service to all of our Property Management clients, and fully understand that our owners need to be confident that their investment is well looked after and that regular checks have actually been carried out.

We have invested heavily in a digital security system installed in each of our managed apartments. This is a computerised system which gives an audit trail of the date and time when each apartment has been checked and the name of the person who carried out the check. We install a memory chip in each apartment, usually under one of the kitchen cabinets. The memory chip contains only a hexadecimal number which is read by a digital reader carried by the person completing the security check. The reader is downloaded each night into a database which provides the audit trail. Each owner can then log on to their dedicated area on our website, and confirm when and by whom the apartment has been checked. This gives 100% positive proof that the apartment has been checked.
Our Commitment

You will always find a friendly team member eager to help you, face to face in our easy to find office in Bansko, at the end of the telephone for a chat, or with a quick reply to your email.

With ASL you will have a dedicated web page on our website that is accessible only by you via a password protected login.

On these pages you will see current and past account statements detailing income and expenditure for your apartment, security checks, and copies of other documents relevant to your apartment.

With the unique ASL Digitool system, we are the only PM Company in Bansko that can prove 100% that your apartment has been visited when we say it has been visited.

The experienced ASL team will carry out regular security checks, and report any defects or issues to you via email. We will install a security chip under one of the kitchen cabinets in your apartment. A security wand will read this each time we carry out a check. The reader will be downloaded in our Head Office and the information uploaded to your secure web page.

You will be able to see who has carried out the check, what date and at what time.
Our Extensive Security Checks
Our checks are extensive and cover a variety of tasks necessary to ensure the safe keeping of each property. We take particular note of the following:
Ventilation of the property and checking window frames and glazing
Are there any leaks – egress or ingress? Any leaks under sinks or from other pipes?
Are there any signs of dampness
Is the boiler working?
Electrical sockets and heaters – are they working?
Do the toilets flush properly?
Replacement of bulbs from your supply or from our stock at your cost
Is the water flow from taps good?
Noting maintenance requirements and any damages
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